• Site Specific Squat

Curatorial Project by Heena Kim


The aim of this project is to reinterpret the idea of squatting from artists’ perspective. Foundation B.A.D, which is the venue of this project, was founded in 1987, when a group of art students occupied a decommissioned bath house. The foundation has been established as a formal structure and as a means to keep their art community since then. Dutch Sociologist Hans Pruijt categorises squatting into five different configurations; Deprivation based, an alternative housing strategy, Entrepreneurial, Conservational and Political squatting. How would we categorise artists’ squatting actions happening in many places? Could we claim those are mere deprivation based on a need for studio space?


Artists participating in the project will present their own perspective regarding the principle of squatting, either as a within-history artist or a guest artist. To present/produce an art piece(s), artists might need to wander around the entire building and occupy/address a specific site as a squatter. Artworks should interact with the occupied site without over-reconstruction. The final show would be expected to offer the audience a new method of viewing artworks ‘Understanding legitimacy of the occupation’.


Participating artists: Aletta De Jong, Almudena Lobera, Anique Weve, Anne Schiffer, Eric Roelen, Frank Bruggeman, Hannah Droessen, Heena Kim, Helmut Smit, Janine Schrijver, Jeroen Jongeleen, Jozeth van de Snepscheut, Karin Arink, Marco Douma, Marijke Appelman


16 – 17 Nov 2013

foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam, Netherlands

foundation B.a.d  http://www.stichtingbad.nl/


© photography by Janine Schrijver