• All S-He Ever Wanted To Be

All s-he ever wanted to be is an exhibition of paintings by Radhika Agarwala, Heena Kim, Hannah Luxton, Cyrus Shroff and Marlene Steyn. The title, borrowed from Steyn’s statement, refers to the possibilities of invoking the unknown. Between myth and fantasy, the real and imagined, the artists in their symbols, forms, figures and narrative introduce the mystic. Kim’s work is concerned with the omnipresent idea, ‘something is always happening behind our sight’. This notion propels the work to highlight connections between those disruptive moments and conflicts that are constant events in relationships, society or culture. Her paintings reveal a playful and provocative interpretation of these misunderstood narratives. In these attempts to create, the artists initiate the sublime. In their diversity, in the subtle and complex, there are obscure triggers of what might introduce the mystical. Regardless, there is a desire to dwell on this possibility. Perhaps, that in itself, is enchanting. Curator Mary George


An exhibition by contemporary artists from London

Inauguration: 28th Feb 2015, 6-7pm preview, 7-8pm ‘Young Contemporary Art in London’ a talk by Mary George

Galleria M