All S-He Ever Wanted To Be

All s-he ever wanted to be is an exhibition of paintings by Radhika Agarwala, Heena Kim, Hannah Luxton, Cyrus Shroff and Marlene Steyn. The title, borrowed from Steyn’s statement, refers to the possibilities of invoking the unknown. Between myth and … Continued

I Meet Together, I Agree

I Meet Together, I Agree features new works by four artists-in-residence. The title, from the Latin term congruō that means to agree/ meet/ combine, is a nod to the residency programme at Vitrine that brought the artists together. Conversations about the … Continued

Open Studio: Vitrine Residency

VITRINE opens its doors for an informal tour of work-in-progress by artists-in-residence Eleni Bagaki (GR), Stephane Blumer (CH), Heena Kim (KR) and Soomeen Kim (KR), with residency curator Mary George and gallery director Alys Williams. VITRINE residency offers four artists – … Continued

Vitrine Gallery Residency

Vitrine Gallery invites four artists for a summer residency in Bermondsey, London. The residency offers the artists – with cross-disciplinary practices – the space, support and opportunity to make work towards a summer exhibition at the gallery.   As a … Continued

Symposium: A Banquet of Korean Contemporary Art

4482 [sasapari] is delighted to present Symposium: A Banquet of Korean Contemporary Art. This year we have joined our forces with 40 Korean contemporary artists from various vocations showcasing a wide array of medium. We hope that it will be … Continued

Site Specific Squat

Curatorial Project by Heena Kim   The aim of this project is to reinterpret the idea of squatting from artists’ perspective. Foundation B.A.D, which is the venue of this project, was founded in 1987, when a group of art students … Continued

B.a.d To The Future Now!

Making B.a.d - lecture program/lezingen "transformation and renewal" (ENG/NL) Language: English and Dutch   The development of B.a.d into its current status as a foundation and as an independent association began with a project called B.a.d To The Future! (BTTF!). Years … Continued

White Wall Project by Paco Dalmau

The [White Wall Project] is part of the Circuits Collection and aims to achieve a dialogue between several artists. The starting point of the project is a large format canvas that takes up entire walls . This space is the … Continued

Object Abuse

Object Abuse has been set up to provide a platform for people to discuss, provoke and question the very nature and orientation of objects. The aim is to readdress the unquestioned drives of our collective pursuits, to turn the tables … Continued

Residency at foundation B.a.d

Residency: foundation B.a.d, Netherlands Residency period: Oct - Nov, 2013 Project title: Interdisciplinary Painting   The principle aim of foundation B.a.d is to provide studios, guest studios and project spaces. This is done in an environment that encourages participation on … Continued

ASC Open Studios

ASC Open Studios 27th - 28th Sep 2013 195-205 Union Street London SE1 0LN

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