Site Specific Squat

Curatorial Project by Heena Kim   The aim of this project is to reinterpret the idea of squatting from artistsā€™ perspective. Foundation B.A.D, which is the venue of this project, was founded in 1987, when a group of art students … Continued

White Wall Project by Paco Dalmau

The [White Wall Project] is part of the Circuits Collection and aims to achieve a dialogue between several artists. The starting point of the project is a large format canvas that takes up entire walls . This space is the … Continued


Space squatting is a way to reform environment. As dead spaces become alive and squatters reset their lifeĀ routine, a new environment settles in the local community. The newly established society becomes aware of unexpected migration and cultural change affecting the … Continued

(re)form: Interdisciplinary painting

The project (re)form: Interdisciplinary Painting contains within an idea that attempts to re-negotiate the theorisation and realisation of painting by proposing new methods for contemporary painting. The new form issues a challenge to the medium-specific limitations of previous formalisms. (re)form: … Continued

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